Fake Talent Agent Tricked Women Into Having Sex


A Seattle man is charged with a consumer protection lawsuit by the Washington State Attorney General Office for allegedly claiming to be a talent agent for adult entertainers so he could take pictures and have sex with women, reports Herb Weisbaum from CNBC.

It is alleged that Michael-Jon Matthew “Matt” Hickey ran this intricate ploy for almost 10 years. He created a fake business and ran deceitful ads promising jobs in the adult industry. According to the law suit, Hickey promised women adult video and print jobs in order to “satisfy his sexual desires” and had no intention on following through on his promises.

Hickey, who works as a technology blogger, violated the Commercial Electronic Mail Act and the Washington Consumer Protection Act.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said in a statement, “This is one of the most egregious scams I’ve seen as Attorney General. Beyond the monetary damage his victims suffered pursuing the defendant’s fictional job opportunities, they endured emotional trauma and unconscionable loss of privacy through his deception.”

Hickey is also facing three rape charges and has been sitting in the King County Jail in Seattle since October 2016. One of the women in the rape case claims she had sex with Hickey as part of an audition for a role in an adult movie.

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