Black Hat SEO technique Will Ruin your Website


`Black Hat SEO` focuses on beating search engine algorithms rather than on the human audience. Black Hat SEO techniques are aggressive and defiant to webmaster guidelines laid down by Google and other search engines.  Black Hat techniques seek to manipulate search engine results through the use of what search engine managers would consider as unethical techniques.

In Black Hat World, a new thread is growing where users of black hats techniques are discussing the efficacy of their methods and asking an important question, “Is the black hats technique dying out”? Some of the practices employed by “black hats” to achieve their aim include hacking into sites, link spam, ruining competitors, and so many others.

Two decades ago, this was a very effective albeit dubious technique, but, same cannot be said now because Google’s algorithm has become “smarter`.However, there are still some webmasters who  believe that, even though it has become harder, it`s still effective.

Commonly used techniques by “black hats”

  1. Copy and Paste

Replicating content is a common black hat technique. Webmasters scrape contents from other websites and place on their own. Search engines give a high preference to unique contents. Copy and paste will also result in bad user experience because the cobbled-up article rarely makes sense.

  1. Comment Spam

Have you ever noticed comments on your post that are totally irrelevant to the content accompanied by a non-related promotional link? The intention is usually to create a free backlink. This is a total waste of time because such links are usually 100% ‘nonfollow’. When spam comments are unchecked, the blog looks unprofessional and neglected.

  1. Keyword Density

This is now less in practice because of the decline in the result. Black hats search for a keyword that is constantly searched by users fill their contents with them to maximize traffic. Such contents are usually not user-friendly.  Website Optimization Grader has the power to detect keyword stuffing.

There are other popular “black hat“ techniques like Doorway pages, using white text on white background which makes them invisible to visitors, and cloaking. There is a consequence for good and bad. If you take the black hat way, don’t expect to outrun the risks and negative consequences – especially if you are aiming to grow your website to something big.

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