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9,996 is a professional SEO resource for webmasters and marketers who are trying to leverage the power of search to get the word out about their brand.  New webmasters who want to boost the search engine ranking of their sites will benefit from the clear information and easy to follow instructions on  In addition, provides some excellent, high-end services that are hard to get elsewhere, and will make a marketer’s job easier while generating more convertible traffic for the business.

Custom Process

The six stage process that has designed is based on empirical and objective evidence about what works to make a successful, well trafficked website.  The most popular and productive websites that sell the most and make the most impact in their industry are all created and maintained on this method.

Step One

Step one in the platform is an offer of a comprehensive, full-service, professional executive review of a website’s construction, content and focus.  The Executive Report allows a business to evaluate all of the SEO and SEM potential they may not be harnessing, and gives the firm the chance to self-edit, rearrange and implement the suggestions made by the SEO professionals.  The benefit to’s design of this stepped process is that it saves the business time and increases profits easily, making the business responsible for what it knows best.  The product line and business capabilities are best showcased by the business’s marketing talent, as those strengths are not something an agency can provide well as the source company can.  In short, the consultation and review is from the professional web developers and SEO experts at, and the company provides the professional brand and product information to come together in a successful website.

Step Two: The Onsite Review

Step Two in’s groundbreaking SEO and SEM package is an onsite-review.  Again, this plan leverages the business’s expertise and offers the graphic design staff’s talents to both redesign and enhance the site as it exists today.  There are few companies that bring this amount of quality staff execution to the table, and a business should consider the payoff potential that offers.  Not only can their approach be used to improve on the web presence of a company as it is today but they can also create, in conjunction with the business, a modern and fresh look that fits well with the newest demands of the search engine algorithms.

Step Three: Deep Level SEM

Step Three is a very deep level assessment of SEM.  As most professional marketers and experienced webmasters know, SEM is what can drive a website to new levels of access.  It’s a way for the site to get noticed, and it’s critical in today’s search environment.  The SEM package is designed around the notion that link backs are still very valuable when they come from excellent PR ranked sites, that content which is fresh and engaging will keep people coming to the site, and that partnering with complementary sites can help a business properly engage as a reputable and important member of the industry.

Step Four: Ongoing Support and Management

Many people who have undergone SEO management with a less than professional firm will be familiar with the sense that the “tune up” is all there is, it’s costly, and it needs to be regularly repeated.  However, takes a different and interesting business approach. They offer an ongoing SEO/SEM management package that businesses with limited staff, or stretched budgets should consider.  This is critical, as an ongoing management platform for the site is the only way it will be able to compete in the world of search.  In addition to Step Four’s ongoing management option, which can save companies a lot of time and money, there are two other options as well.

Steps Five and Six: Taking It Further

Steps Five and Six offer premium placement and superior quality backlinks.  Step Five is about the leveraging of the networks and partnerships that has developed over the years, allowing the high quality, high PR sites they represent around the world to create a virtual network of referrals.  A company’s website reputation is built through the networks it feeds and is fed by, and the opportunity to use’s network is a guarantee of ongoing, long term SEM.

Corporate Branding

Whereas many branding, marketing and ad agencies take a really removed approach to the problem of appropriate and useful corporate branding,’s perspective is that it starts and ends with the brand.  The need for a cohesive and uniform brand both online and offline has never been more significant or apparent.  With a staff of experienced, credentialed and published graphic designers are able to take an existing offline brand and convert it to just the right design for an online audience, or they can help a company start from scratch, designing a brand that can extend in multiple directions and be very useful in developing customer adhesion.  Video design, publication of cross-promotional items and other considerations that normally require a team of different vendors can all be accomplished in house with

The approach that has designed is fresh in the marketplace, and their approach in partnering with their clients is both unique and appreciated by their successful businesses served.  In the future, webmasters can expect to see other firms copy the format and approach of, but for now the opportunity to get this sort of attention in a tight internet market is something no business should pass up.

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