Black Hat Search Engine Optimization: It`s Future


Just some few weeks ago, Barry Schwartz, a renowned blogger, published an article titled: “Poll: Is Black Hat SEO Dying? This article generated a lot of argument on whether black hat SEO is as relevant as it was before.

Black Hat SEO is the form of search engine optimization procedure that simply seeks to go contrary to the guidelines stipulated by Google. Black Hat SEO deals with the use of practices such as spammed links, site hacking and employing tactics that destroys the competition from other websites among many others. For some time now, a lot of “black hats” are concerned about the fact that black hat SEO is gradually losing its influence in the world search engine optimization.

This thread about whether black hat SEO is gradually dying out has generated a lot of comments. Whilst some ‘black hats’ are of the view that the practice of black hat search engine optimization is fading out, others also think that it is still as effective as it was previously. However, with the million dollar algorithm being used by Google, it can be seen that it is more risky for those practicing Black Hat SEO.

According to the comments by some astute SEO experts, Google is now more alert to such threats and swoops in quickly to shut down these sites with black hat SEO. This has made it a risk not worth taking for most Black Hat SEO experts as the probability of getting caught by Google is now very high. Even in the midst of Google’s high-tech algorithm that has made it very difficult for ‘black hats’ to really hit the heights that they used to some years ago, there are also those who are of the view that black hat SEO is still effective. For them, all that one needs to do is to be sure that one knows what he or she is doing even though it is a bit difficult now. It is the difficulty that has now come to be associated with black hat SEO that has forced a lot of SEO experts to confidently conclude that it is not a practice worth the risk.

A user named ‘SEOMillionaire’, had this to say about the issue of whether black hat SEO is dying gradually, “Yes it does work, if you don’t moronically reveal all your strategies on forums and give Google ideas on how to combat it hahaha.” This is to simply say that black hat SEO experts are the ones making it very easy for Google to track and shut them down.

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