Two Often Overlooked SEO Strategies


You have a website, you also published it and want to increase your site visibility? Here’s the way that allows you to increase your traffic. Link exchanges through the partnership between your company web and other webmasters just be one of the most interesting avenues provided you follow certain guidelines. Be aware, however, only 20% of your traffic will come from your partner, while 80% of it will come from search engines and directories.

First, if you want to partner only for the purpose of attracting traffic to your site, you may be losing, and this may damage your reputation. Also be aware that search engines penalize websites that make reciprocal link exchanges with other websites with different content of their own. It is therefore important to look for partners who will complement you. For example, if you have a website dealing in video games, you would not want to associate yourself with a website, the subject is completely different from the one I just mentioned. By cons if it deals with a subject like the new console controllers on the market, well it is likely that both of your websites can be complementary. In this case you will be able to exchange content similar to the sites concerned, and even negotiate an exchange of advertising through a banner, or by an article in your newsletters, and in some cases, establish strategic alliances in order to increase your visibility and your partners from other offline media such as magazines and newspapers not to mention TV and radio.

Second insist that your partner put a link to your website from their home pages, and you will do the same on your side. Too often, webmasters will do this error by placing the links of their partners in a page where there are hundreds of partners, that will never be seen by anyone except by robots from search engines. Think about it, which of us will click on a page where there are hundreds of partners? Would do it for most of the time by mistake. Ask to be seen if this partner is better to forget. The partnership must be treated very seriously, so do not be afraid to demand.

In conclusion with regard to establish contact with partners seriously, I recommend you use the approach, by email, which I think is the most simple of all. However necessary, it is also very beneficial to keep the conversation going at full voice on the phone, or even to make some games. This shows initiative, and obviously a professional in your business. Never approach a partner only for the purpose of receiving traffic to your website. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, you can offer the exchange of content or services to them. Take time to know you, ask the right questions, in short you are interested in your partner but to your site and you will be successful. Show them that your proposal may contribute to the development of its business or website, and you do a master stroke.

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